Debunking the Common Myths About Donkey Meat

Donkeys are useful animals that are reared across the world. Often viewed as working animals, they are now bred for their milk, leather, and meat. Have you ever eaten donkey meat? Although donkey meat has high nutritional value, many people rarely eat it. This is attributed to widespread myths about donkey meat that are now considered to be true. For instance, some studies argue that it contains elements that cause cancer and tumor. These are some of the common myths you might come across.

It is Acidic

It is true that donkey meat is acidic. However, most of the diets and foods consume are acidic. The problem with acidic meat is that it is difficult for the body to digest. Also, the kidneys must work extra hard. As a result, the body produces a lot of acids, which can weaken your immune system. Studies show that having too much acid in the body can result in chronic diseases.

When buying donkey meat, you need to check its quality and where it is sourced from. Usually, it is overcooked and fried. Make sure you serve your donkey meat with vegetables.

Recent studies have shown that donkey meat has palmitic acid. When this acid is consumed, it raises bad cholesterol and other saturated fats. However, this is not only a problem with donkey meat. In fact, all types of meat increase the acidic levels in the body. It is advisable to cook this meat with various spices such as ginger to reduce the acidic content.

It Contains Toxins

It is true donkey meat contains toxins just like any other type of meat. You should note that animals accumulate lots of toxins because of the fat that makes up their biological composition. Therefore, when you eat meat, you absorb these toxins.

It is unfair to say that it is only donkey meat that contains toxins. Whether you are eating beef or poultry, you will absorb toxins. It is advisable to ensure your donkey meat is cooked well to get rid of toxins.

It Causes Cancer

It is not recommended to consume donkey meat in large quantities. This also applies to any type of meat. Any food you eat should be done in moderation. Studies that link donkey meat to diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis lack adequate evidence to justify their claims. Eating a lot of meat will result in the deposition of fatty acids in the body. This is likely to cause the calcification of tissues and bones.

Poor Quality of Feed

Many people that donkeys are raised with poor-quality feed. This means that donkeys are affected physiologically. Due to their unnatural diet, most people do not have the nutrients they require to be healthy. Other than impacting their well-being, this will affect consumers. Fortunately, there is a lot of awareness of feeding donkeys with high-quality feed.


The above are some myths about donkey meat that make many people avoid it. However, the dangers of eating donkey meat are just the same as eating other types of meat. Therefore, you have nothing much to worry about trying this delicacy.




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