Infinite Choices among UnilightLED’s Diversified LED Sphere Displays

In the dynamic world of events and advertising, the role of LED displays has evolved into a captivating narrative, with sphere led display balls taking center stage. Among these, UnilightLED introduces three distinctive types, each revolutionizing the way people perceive and engage with visual content.

The Rise of Large LED Spheres

In retrospect, large LED screens in public spaces once elicited awe. However, the evolving demands of audiences now call for more dynamic and immersive displays. UnilightLED envisions a future where LED spheres exceeding 5 meters in diameter will become a prominent trend in public spaces. This forecast not only promises to capture significant attention but also holds the potential to deliver enhanced returns on investment for advertisers.

Below are the three standout offerings from UnilightLED that deliver state of the art LED displays tailored for various applications, from advertising and retail to corporate events and entertainment venues.

Watermelon Ball Screen

The watermelon ball screen, representing the earliest circular LED display in the market, boasts a direct-viewing structure composed of PCBs shaped like a watermelon. While its efficiency is commendable, a notable challenge emerges at the north and south poles. Pixel arrangements in lines and columns make it challenging to display images seamlessly, leading to distortions. This early model paved the way for innovation, setting the stage for further advancements.

Triangle Ball Screen

The triangle ball screen, also known as the football screen, addresses the distortion issue at the poles. It achieves this by utilizing plane triangle PCBs, offering a more streamlined solution. However, this progress comes with its own set of challenges. Multiple types of PCBs are required, limiting pixel pitch, and intricate software programming becomes a necessity. Despite these challenges, the triangle ball screen represents a significant leap forward in LED sphere technology.

Six Sides Ball Screen

The six sides ball screen, a technological marvel by UnilightLED, leverages quadrangle PCBs to create a display that surpasses its predecessors. Breaking down a 1.5m diameter LED sphere into six planes, each with four panels of equal dimensions, this design minimizes the number of PCBs required. The result is a display that closely aligns with the pixel configuration of plane LED screens. Notably, the six sides ball screen offers easy assembly and disassembly, making it a practical choice for diverse applications. With the ability to showcase content from either one or six video sources, it proves exceptionally effective for larger LED spheres.

UnilightLED-Pioneering the Visual Revolution

As the landscape of LED technology evolves, UnilightLED stands at the forefront, ready to elevate visual experiences with innovative LED sphere displays. From overcoming early challenges to anticipating future trends, UnilightLED continues to redefine the boundaries of visual spectacles. As you look forward to the future, the collaboration between technology and creativity promises an exciting era of LED displays that captivate and engage audiences in unprecedented ways.


UnilightLED’s LED sphere displays redefine visual interactions, overcoming challenges with Watermelon, Triangle, and Six Sides Ball screens. Adapting LED principles for outdoors, UnilightLED envisions a future with spheres exceeding 5 meters, promising attention and returns for advertisers. As pioneers in the visual revolution, UnilightLED excels in blending technology and creativity, shaping a captivating future.



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