Types of chairs and their usage:

A party chair is a part of furniture used in our daily lives and has a flat surface and four legs like a regular chair. The four legs give support to the flat surface. A chair is generally used for sitting. It is used for indoor and outdoor sitting as well. Depending upon its usage, the material for manufacturing the chair also changes. A chair can be made of metal, wood, or plastic. The chair used for outdoor purposes is usually made up of metal.

Similarly, the chairs used for dining purposes and in restaurants are wood. Many chairs consist of arms, but many are armless. The chairs used for dining purposes are usually armless. Similarly, the chairs used in cafes, bars, and restaurants are also armless. But, the chair used for comfort and leisure has two arms. Most office chairs also consist of two components.

Types of event chairs:

There are mainly two types of event chairs.

  • The second type is an outdoor event chair. This chair is not very durable and is usually made of metal which cannot be corroded when exposed to air. This chair has very short legs.
  • One is called an indoor event chair. It has a comfortable seat and is often referred to as a banquet chair. It is usually harmless, but sometimes it has arms as well. Indoor event chairs are more durable, attractive, and lightweight.

Several other types of event chairs:

Event chairs are usually classified based on the construction material and their designs. Some of the types are discussed below:

Cross chair:

This chair is usually made up of wood. It has the design of a cross on its back. The dimensions of this chair are generally of the standard chair. If any ceremony is held at a farm or in the house or gardens, these chairs are best fit to use.

Folding Lawn Chair:

These chairs are also usually made up of wood. Unlike traditional chairs, it has two legs and no arms. One advantage of this chair is that it is lightweight and can be folded. Due to its folding characteristic, it is usually used for dining.

Rattan chair:

Rattan chair is the most suited chair for dining purposes. It is made of rattan wood found in tropical regions of the world. This chair has four legs and has brownish black color in nature.

Usage of event chairs:

As far as the party chair is concerned, it is generally used at different events such as parties, birthday ceremonies, or weddings. Chairs also have a back to support the back of the sitters. A standard chair usually has 18 to 21 inches of height, while the back size ranges between 15 to 18 inches. The width of a chair ranges from 12 to 17 inches. Chairs are also used in offices, especially for people who use desktop computers or laptops. It helps in maintaining the posture of the body.

Event chairs can be used at different events;

  • Parties
  • Celebrating dinners
  • Town halls and at
  • Camping trips.
  • Marriage functions
  • Birthday celebrations


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